Talks and presentations

Perspectives on AI Alignment

July 26, 2022

Talk, DeepMind, London, UK

In this talk I discuss the problem of AI alignment from a generalization perspective. I cover the main issues involved in creating safe AGI for practical and scalable deployment along with several methods, analysis and applications.

Multi-Agentness, Generalization and Beyond

May 19, 2022

Talk, Waymo, Oxford, UK

In this talk I discuss how the problem of generalization in AI can be approached from three different directions towards creating agents that are robust to changes in environment, goals and coplayers. I present several algorithmic approaches along with analysis and applications.

Open Ended Learning

August 25, 2021

Talk, DeepMind, Oxford, UK

In this talk I discuss how open ended learning in the XLand domain helps create generally capable AI agents, and how intent prediction for co-players in the environment can help improve generalization performance.

A multi agent perspective to AI

August 12, 2020

Talk, GoodAI's Meta-Learning & Multi-Agent Learning Workshop, Oxford, UK

Talk link: In this talk I motivate why multi-agent learning would be an important component of AI and elucidate some frameworks where it can be used in designing an AI system.